How big is the Bee?

Bee weighs about 15 grams or half an ounce. Bee stands at a diameter of 24 mm (size of a US Quarter) and a thickness of 11 mm (thickness of a pencil).

How many cards can I store on the Bee?

You can store up to 20 cards on your Bee. This includes your credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. In future Bee users can expect to store access control cards, and transit cards.

How secure is my Radiius Bee?

Bee is equipped with a biometric fingerprint scanner that makes sure you are the one true user of your Bee. You can store multiple fingerprint information and unlock the device any time before using your Bee.

The security of Bee is more nuanced and in layers. It has a biometric fingerprint scanner, it conforms to EMV Co. standards and it uses tokens instead of PAN (or real card numbers) during transactions.

In addition, Radiius does not store any sensitive information on your smartphone. All data communication is encrypted with strong keys end-to-end. We consider these as basic hygiene.

Does my Bee require charging?

Bee does not require charging, and is expected to work for two years with normal usage.


What is BeeHive?

BeeHive is a one stop Android/iOS solution that lets you add, delete, update and manage your cards for use with Bee. BeeHive is a safe and secure solution and does not store your complete payment card info anywhere in your phone or outside Bee.

In future, BeeHive plans to include money management and expense tracking solutions as well as advise to the Bee users on where to get the best deals and offers.

Can my Bee connect to more than one smartphone at the same time?

You can store up to 20 cards on your Bee. This includes your credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. In future Bee users can expect to store access control cards, and transit cards.


How do I add cards to my Bee?

Bee works in sync with the BeeHive, and BeeHive gives you an option to scan your cards or manually enter the details. BeeHive works in the background with bank applications to get the secured credentials and store them on Bee.

Do I need a smartphone to use the Bee?

To manage cards, activating Bee and registering your fingerprint information, you’re going to need the BeeHive app. For a payment transaction on PoS terminals, you do not need the BeeHive app.

Where can I use my Bee?

Anywhere, everywhere. As long as the retailer you’re paying at has a PoS device that supports contactless payments, your Bee will work flawlessly.

In future, you may be able to use your Bee instead of ID cards that require NFC-security walkthrough, and instead of your regular transit ticket.

How do I make a purchase using Bee?

Look for a terminal that has NFC sign on it.

Unlock the Bee by placing your finger on the sensor.

Bring it close to the terminal and complete the verification (signature, if needed)

That’s it!

I have multiple cards enrolled in my Bee. How do I know which card is being used?

The BeeHive app on your smartphone allows you to identify your default card. Once you mark your default card, the Bee pre-selects this card during payment. You can, of course, always select another card as your default anytime.


What if my Bee stops working?

Your Bee comes with a 1 year warranty, that lets you replace your device in case there are any manufacturing defects. We guarantee you receive your Bee free of manufacturing defects.

I lost my Bee. What should I do now?

Losing anything valuable can be stressful. But you need not worry about misuse of Bee. It has multiple layers of security.

Bee cannot be used without your biometrics. If any unauthorized person tries to use your Bee, it will permanently lock itself after 10 wrong tries.

Next, you can disable all the cards on Bee by using 'Disable all cards' feature in BeeHive. Your physical cards will continue to work.

You can call and ask for a replacement. You will have to pay the cost of a new Bee in your account. Radiius is planning a 24-hour replacement program for most metro locations in the United States.

How do I restore my cards on the replaced Bee?

Simply open the BeeHive app and activate your replacement Bee as before. The enrolled cards will automatically synch up with your new Bee and will be restored.

What if I change my smartphone?

You will need to go through a simple process to link your new smartphone with Bee. As a part of it, we will verify you as the right owner of the Bee. Since, we do not store any payment information on the phone, the process is very secure.

This is where you get the freedom and peace of mind. You are not tied to a phone company or model in order to continue using your Bee.

Can I use Bee to withdraw cash at an ATM?

Very few ATM machines work on NFC. If your ATM machine supports NFC, Bee will work.

Can a transaction decline while using the Bee?

If a transaction declines, it would most like be due to a server issue on your card providers' end. None of your transaction information goes through our servers in real time.


How much does a Bee cost?

Stay tuned for early-bird offers.

Can I buy more than one Bee?

Yes, of course! The more, the merrier. You can link all your Bees to a single BeeHive wallet (on your smartphone) and they would behave exactly like each other. So carry one on your watch, one in your handbag and one as your key fob. We leave this to your imagination.

How do I pre-order a Bee?

You can pre-order through our Indiegogo campaign or directly through our website.

Can I invite friends and family to try the Bee?

Certainly, you can. You can invite people who have not yet purchased a Bee. At Radiius, we are pushing for the convenience of a cashless, cardless, hassle-free lifestyle.

When will the Bee ship?

The first batch is expected to ship out in August/September 2017.

Can I choose any color?

Bee comes in stylish and sporty colors, some of them are limited in number. You can choose which color you want while placing the pre-order.

I am outside the US. When can I get my Bee?

If you’re outside the US, please subscribe to Bee updates and we’ll let you know when we can ship you your Bee.

Can I change or cancel my perk?

Indiegogo has now made it easier than ever to upgrade your perks. You can now do so on the contributions tab of your Indiegogo profile. See more information on how to do this for Indiegogo here: Indiegogo Support

Regarding cancellations, Indiegogo policy dictates that campaign owners have no ability to adjust perk selections. Backers can upgrade, change, or cancel their perks/rewards at any time on their contributor's profile until the campaign has closed. After the campaign has ended and funds have been disbursed, the campaigners will evaluate such requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

How is shipping handled?

We will be shipping via the United States Postal Service First Class mail with delivery tracking confirmation. International shipments will be sent via International First Class.

How much is shipping and handling?

Shipping is decided based upon which perk you choose for your contribution. We recommend choosing perks which offer free shipping and best value.


Is Bee certified by any authority?

Yes. It is EMV Co. certified and the solution is approved by payment networks (MasterCard and Visa). The Radiius ecosystem including all applications hosted on cloud are compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.